The Tennessee Person-Centered Music Program is free to all licensed, participating nursing homes in Tennessee and includes training, equipment (headphones), and personalized playlists to enrich the lives of nursing home residents.

• The Program is available to a minimum of 2,205 residents including those suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s in 147 nursing homes statewide.

• The Program uses wireless headphones that are loaded with a personalized playlist for each resident. 

• Evidence-guided research shows that music can be effective in reducing medication usage, anxiety, depression, agitation, and physical and verbal aggression. It can also help residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s to be more present and communicative.

• Participating nursing homes receive 24/7 accessibility to online training; equipment for up to 15 residents in each nursing home; technical assistance; volunteers for initial set-up if desired; and an opportunity for additional arts and cultural programming.

• Volunteers may be requested initially to help nursing home staff set-up the equipment and develop personalized playlists for residents.

• The Program offers a non-pharmacological, low-cost alternative to medications and helps meet CMS guidelines by promoting the development of person-centered care decision-making.

Mission Statement – Providing individualized music to Tennessee nursing home residents to improve quality of life and care.

Vision Statement – Enriching the lives of Tennessee nursing home residents through individualized music.